Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Majestic Turquoise, so named by the French as pierre turquoise, meaning Turkish stone, has been mined and traded since 5000 BCE in Central Asia, Europe, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Australia, Argentina, Tibet and Ancient Egypt and more recently in the southwestern United States. Native Americans have revered Turquoise for over a thousand years: the Navajos used it to pray for rain, the Apaches for their weaponry and the Zuni for protection. In Central Asia, Turquoise was applied to horse paraphernalia, an application which has become well established in the United States.

The blue color found in Turquoise is caused by copper and its green shades by iron. Its name and colors reflect the element of water, although Turquoise itself is connected to all four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. It is easily acquired and brings healing and wholeness to the throat and heart chakras. It can be worn in jewelry or held most effectively for truth, articulate communication and wisdom. Its overall essence brings such a sense of wellbeing that it helps relieve stress, doubt and regret. It brings in love, compassion and a diminishing of righteous indignation and the need to seek justice. It is a powerful healer of the emotions bringing physical healing and peace. Turquoise is an indispensable tool for all lightworkers, for the self as well as therapy for others. Wholeness of self is a most necessary part of our journey and collective evolution and Turquoise answers the call. Try it and see, you will not be disappointed.