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Turquoise Pic

This prized stone bespeaks amulets, charms and jewelry.  It is to be worn and held for its curative energies and for balance and harmony.  While it is readily available today, it has been worn and carried by shamans and priests not only in the United States and South America, but also in Egypt, Russia and China throughout time.  Its vibrant green and turquoise coloration is a gift from Mother Earth to assist the balancing of our being with All That Is.

The blue/green rays that this gemstone manifests, are for the balancing of the throat and heart chakras respectively.  Turquoise facilitates an easing of expression from the throat in alignment with the feelings of the heart, and vice versa.  In other words, it helps you to speak your truth and mean what you say.

Wearing turquoise brings a sense of wellness, a brightness and a connection to Mother Earth.  Healing practices have long included the use of this stone.  It is the perfect stone for lightworkers to wear on a daily basis to connect to their truth and to be present in the NOW.