In this workshop you are invited to commence a journey to discover the Ultimate Love of your Soul, Divine Love. We each have a Divine Complement and Partner in Time and No Time, a Twin Flame. If your heart is seeking to discover your Sacred Love Partner, the Beloved One who carries your identical blueprint, then please come with an open heart and mind to learn how you may begin this reconnection with your Twin Flame, be he or she in Spirit or incarnate at this time. It all begins with Self.

We will be blessed to be in the loving presence of the Ascended Masters including Master Merlin and Master Kuthumi who with Metatron, the Archangel of the Higher Light, brought the light codes to Earth for this reunification process. Not since the time of Atlantis have these energies been present on Earth and they are indeed a special gift to us all. I am ready to channel the Masters’ words of wisdom to assist your process to reconnect to your Beloved One who carries your identical blueprint.

It is a great honor for me to offer this workshop after my own amazing journey of reconnection to my Twin Flame. I am pleased to share some of my own experiences and the expansive and transformative Love I continue to experience. We will discuss the role these reunions play at this time on Mother Earth, as well as much other information, including the differences between Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

This workshop culminates in a guided meditation to unify your own energies within as well as to call upon the energies of your Twin Flame. Please note: this event is not a guarantee of an immediate reconnection and/or reunion with your Twin Flame; “Man rows, but God steers.” I offer private Heart-to-Heart Channeling sessions with Master Merlin and other Ascended Masters for deeper exploration and self-transformation.

“Sacred Love is a Gift of God that transcends time and human existence. It is given to you to explore at this time as the Creator has called for you to reconnect with your Twin Flame. This is a blessing of Love that has not been seen since ancient times within the Universe.”
Your Obedient Servant, Master Merlin.

In Hinduism, the swan, ‘HAMSA’ or ‘HANSA’, is the vehicle of Brahma, Supreme Spirit, a symbol of discrimination. The white swan is thought of as being able to separate the true SOMA nectar from a mixture of milk and water. It is one bird made of two. It represents the perfect union of male and female, the balance of life. In Hinduism, HAM-SA (pronounced HONG-SAU) are two sacred chant words having a vibratory connection to incoming and outgoing breath. AHAM-SA means “I AM HE”. The flight of the hamsa represents the yearning of the soul for its release from the perpetual round of existence. The Hindu Goddess, Sarasvati, Brahma’s wife, is pictured riding a swan. For the Ancient Greeks, the swan was the sacred bird of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, whose chariot was pulled by a brace of swans. Swans are known for their fidelity and may mate for life. It is a treasonable offense to kill a swan in the United Kingdom. A “swan-song” was equated with Christian martyrs affirming their faith before execution.

“Heart speaks unto Heart.” ~ John Henry Newman