Universal Consciousness

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Lord Sananda is my passport,
I go everywhere with Him,
Admittance is gained at every gate
When the Kingdom of God is within.

We are brothers and sisters together,
Fellow members of the human race,
It’s not who finishes first,
But did you complete with God’s grace?

Develop your mind’s eye to see
The spirit, not the culture or race,
Not the heritage or upbringing,
Nor the color of the face.

The music, art and culture
Vary from nation to nation,
Irrelevant is your place of birth,
Is God’s glory your motivation?

Don’t feel intimidated
At the function, be it business or fun,
Focus on the relationship
I and the Father are One.

Do you feel the odd one out,
Ignored and overlooked?
Do you think others find you invisible?
Is your calendar under-booked?

Feel included, not separate,
We’re each called to play a part,
Forget the stereotyping,
Universal Oneness is an art.

So raise your head up high,
Set your eyes on God,
Be they black, brown, green or blue,
Be the shepherd, hold the rod.

Step out in the faith and knowledge
The I AM is wherever you go,
His grace is more than enough for you
And you reap whatever you sow.

Tap into Universal Consciousness,
Flow with one accord,
Forget the earthly distinctions,
We all serve one Lord.