Universal Patchwork of Destiny

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Congratulations to all you who come here and read these words for you have passed a myriad of tests and trials and you are being prepared for major works ahead. There are no accidents, a phrase you’ve often heard, but at this time it is ever more pertinent to your journey to realize that you are destined to be on Earth at this time. You have increased your vibration and expanded your consciousness. You have been opening your hearts and your thinking to the greater ideas of the Universe. As you continue to seek greater awareness and healing, you are a part of humanity that is assisting the whole. Mother Earth loves and serves you and it is, indeed, time now to assist her in any way you can in your daily activities.

But know this, beyond your aspirations and your work, the Unconditional Love within your heart is doing what is needed for yourself and others. There is much that is being transformed on the planet and your level of consciousness is a part of that. Whatever you choose for yourself in terms of work, activities, even your leisure time, as your heart remains open at all times, you are fulfilling your destiny. There is no competition, no judgment or criticism if your way is different from another’s way.
Rather, it forms the universal patchwork, or grid of energies, that we, the Ascended Masters, are working hard to maintain for Mother Earth and all life forms on the planet. So do not be dissuaded or discouraged when the going gets tough. Let this be a sign that greater and better times are ahead. It’s all up to you.

There are many choices to be made for the running of your planet, the ecology, dominion over the animal and mineral kingdoms. Harmony and balance are slowly being restored. And as 2012 marks a major turning point for the planet, you may know that you are assisting this transition. There are many Beings of Light who watch and wait as Mother Earth transitions. This will mark their own transition. Mother Earth’s history and destiny are intertwined with the Universe and many other galaxies and realms of existence. Your beautiful blue planet, upon which I have walked many times, is to be restored to a place and energy of Unconditional Love. The Golden Age of Light is beginning now; in fact, it is underway. There is no turning back and you, dearest friends, have assisted in her journey in whatever way God has so ordained for you.

The Divine Plan is unfolding in infinite ways. I would say to you, in these summer months ahead, when you may relax and contemplate, remember that your role is to love yourself and others. Do not allow the warring factions on the planet to move you out of your inner stillness; rather come back to center, align with Source, surrender to the Divine Will and know how you are greatly loved and cherished. You are healing separation and duality and this process is underway thanks to all your efforts. You, Golden Ones, are shining brightly as Mother Earth returns to Peace and Harmony, to Divine Love and to the ancient Lemurian ways. It is a New World, a world of wonder and beauty where nothing and no-one is separate from Source.

Love and Blessings in Gratitude,
Master Merlin