What’s Driving You?

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Hello Everyone,

With my upcoming trip to the UK and Ireland, I found myself glued recently to the “tele” watching some highlights of the upcoming Second Season of the British saga Poldark set in the 18th century. Filmed on the Cornish coastland, where I shall soon be revisiting King Arthur’s Castle and Merlin’s Cave, I was thinking about the inspiring truly heroic character of Ross Poldark and his story.

What is so captivating to me about this character is his driving passion and desire to do right thing for himself and his family, those who work on his land and in his mine in his employ, but most importantly simply to do what is right and noble, no matter society’s dictates and the corrupt sway of other richer landowners. He is, of course, pitted against the odds, and must pull himself up by the bootstraps over and over again and therein lies the drama. His character is a great demonstration of  “We Consciousness” in action, working for the highest good of all. He is tested and tried but we the audience find him to be a sympathetic and altruistic hero.

This all begs the question, what is driving us mortals in the 21st century at this Time of Great Shift? Do you wake up in the morning and have a goal or thought in mind and are you achieving it? Are you aware of what is driving your behavior, or even what your behavior is? Absent a conscious intention, are your moods and feelings, or even a lack of commitment or stress getting in the way? Is a lack of time spent actually reviewing your goals in life sabotaging your efforts because you are half-hearted or uncertain about them? The heart knows best.

The very first workshop I ever taught was at the Learning Annex in NYC entitled ‘Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life’. While my spiritual perspectives have changed over time, what I know that what I think and believe about myself and my goals fuels my existence. I am keenly aware of the effort and focus it takes to ‘get the job done’ and to walk the tightrope of discipline. As I have always said, it is easy to “talk” yourself into something, but the real question is how do you “feel” about it when you get there? Staying on target, processing what is necessary and allowing time to think it all through may be demanding but crucial. Otherwise, you may find yourself saying “What was I thinking?”

My immediate goal, to finish my next book and to be able to bring through certain consciousness and ideas, is of paramount importance to me and an important part of my life’s work. As the years seem to tick by ever more rapidly, I feel even more compelled to do my work and be of service as led by Spirit. There will always be time spent in change, adjustment, realignment and self-monitoring along the way. So it’s a matter of setting one’s priorities, combined with time for rest and relaxation and a little fun as well.

All this being said, sometimes, at the end of the day, I may wonder how I have managed to do certain things, or indeed if I’m a puppet, and who or what is pulling the strings? Discovering which part of you is driving you forward or in control at any given moment is an interesting exercise. Is it your agenda, your mood,  a behavior, your belief system or your Higher Self? As Derek O’Neill says, “show up for your lives”. That way you will likely soon find out!

I believe that whatever God/your I AM Presence puts in your heart and mind to do, that is what you will do, if you will allow. Listening to your Inner Voice will lead the way. As I was once told (by Merlin, I think), God is not a tease. That dangling carrot in front of you is meant for you. Seeing, recognizing and claiming it is your job.

Love and Blessings,
Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka

September, 2016.