What’s the Matter?

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Newly immersed in a course of study, namely Neuro Linguistic Programming (“NLP”), I am expanding my awareness of how we truly communicate with others and with ourselves. How much do we assume and how much do we really understand? How often as caring individuals do we say to each other, “What’s the matter?” The implied meaning of this question is that a physical matter is causing concern. A matter, of course, may also be intellectual, conceptual, emotional and not necessarily physical, but if another person is noticing you while you notice your matter, it may be demanding your attention.

I am, therefore, impelled to ask, what is the matter in your life that concerns you? Where are you focusing your attention? What are you thinking about? And what are you doing about your thoughts? Are they mastering you, or are you mastering them? Are you asking questions to filter and discern what is most appropriate for you and what feels right? Moreover, are you acting upon the information and input that you are receiving – even if it is telling you to be still.

Whether the thing that motivates you is in a physical form or is a concept, suggestion or perhaps a memory, is it taking growing within you or is its effect in your life somehow being diffused? All incoming information is eventually processed through your internal representational system consisting of the five senses: vision, sound, hearing, taste and smell. Outward stimuli are translated inwardly and transmitted to your brain as impulses, thereby enabling you to make different connections of understanding. This is one explanation of the energy of your Divine presence that is always at work through both your conscious and unconscious mind and it is communicating within you.

As we are awakening at this amazing time of our and Mother Earth’s Ascension, what, may I ask, is your Higher Self or Inner Being bringing to your attention? From moment to moment things are shifting and changing everywhere on all levels. It takes a good amount of practice to be in touch with one’s physical body, the emotional body, the intellectual body and the spiritual body, especially is when on today’s “overload”. To see, hear, feel, sense and be aware of what is pertinent for you at any given time takes effort. Your personal energetic highway and your physical form are “wired” to enable the subtle information input that brings you a stream of information of different vibrations, light (including the rays of the Universe), consciousness, love, codes and geometries that are filtered through your subtle bodies and chakra system. What you do with all this information is up to you and becomes your experience.

As Merlin frequently points out in his channelings through me, intention is crucial for creating the outcome or manifestation that you desire to create; in other words, choose the matter you wish to focus on.  If you have the desire, for example, to write a book, travel around the world, start a business or prune roses, you will, by setting your intention, find ways to start the process. The universe loves and supports you. Wanting always to know the “how” can stop the flow and stall your progress. Rather, focus on the “what” and you will soon find yourself taking steps in your chosen direction. Forced perfectionism gets in the way too and can divert unnecessary energy and effort. The universe will always honor your choice and intention. Begin by infusing your vision with e-motion and end-motion, i.e. joy and a sense of completion. See yourself in the picture, happy and whole and at peace. No matter where you are in your process at this moment, it is important not to despise small beginnings.

If you seem to be wavering or hesitant in your personal process, this might be the time to ask yourself “What’s the matter?” Is there is any self-sabotage going on due to faulty beliefs or past decisions – whether conscious or unconscious – that is intercepting your goal trajectory? Is there an inner conflict going on inside you that you cannot quite identify? Such fine distinctions and attunements are traceable and their adjustments achievable.

As a matter of fact, whatever you are going through, know that the unfolding of your matter of concern is part of the Divine Plan for you and your journey in this lifetime. In Mastery, or Wizardry, we must learn to master the matter, and not allow the matter to master us.