When the going gets tough, …

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When the going gets tough,
The tough get going …

… straight to the heart, that is, the heart of self. When dreams look distant, the family is feuding and the odds appear to be stacking up, there is only one place to be, in the center of yourself. It is a curious thing that when everything appears to be imperfect, it is actually perfect. We are where we need to be and circumstances are unfolding in such a way to make us a better version of self. It is all a matter of choice. We can change our own minds, but we cannot change others, nor is it our business to do so.

Leading by example, “walking our talk” is of prime importance in the new world we are creating together. Contrary to how it may seem in the media, the adversities we face bring us to a major fulcrum point of change for the better. “Change is in the air” is more than a collective catchphrase, it is our present reality, wherever your domicile may be on the planet. In the Camelot of old, a utopian society of the 6th century in southwest England, a seed was planted in Unconditional Love (the substance of the universe) and it began to sprout. Merlin had nurtured and cultivated the consciousness of King Arthur who was at the helm. Warring factions and unbelief in a good outcome for all superseded then the dream of “All for One, and One for All.” Is our situation any different today? The complexities of modern living and technological advancement have accelerated exponentially, yet who we are, deep down, governs the patterns and evolution of our lives. It is up to us.

We may study the past and dream of a peaceful, benevolent future for the benefit of society, but it is our present actions that speak louder than words. “Hands that help are holier than lips that pray” said avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba, teacher of the five principles of living. These principles, watchwords for The New Camelot, are love, peace, truth, right action and non-violence. Are we making choices with our hearts and minds, are we being caring and inclusive of others (“We Consciousness”) or are we fixated on the bottom line? As always, a personal balance must be struck in order to remain centered, practical and loving, that is, a focusing at the heart. A persistence and not a small amount of courage is required to move against a stream of events and do the “right” thing. To speak out, or even to speak up, is de rigueur today. While this may seem to require much effort, we can know that there are invisible forces at work to assist our well-meaning intentions and ultimate manifestations. The Spiritual Hierarchy in the higher realms of existence is supporting us and loving us more than you can imagine as well as the Unconditional and All-Encompassing Love of the universe.

There exists for us in the earthly plane a collective power of consciousness, or mass consciousness, that gathers and holds our ever-increasing level of evolution and expansion. Further beyond, exists an overarching universal energy and consciousness to which we may aspire. The universal Law of Resonance says that a lower vibration will rise to the higher vibration, not the other way around. It has always been so.  Every soul will eventually climb up the ladder to great awareness and being, however many lifetimes it may take. Even Mother Earth is wobbling (slightly) her way on her axis as her being ascends within the universe. We can choose to go with her, or not. We must know that our collective evolution is at hand and every soul has a part to play. We may choose to accelerate our way out of our predicament for the universe unfailingly presents opportunities for us to improve our lot.

As Ascended Master Merlin often says, it is as important to “feel” something as it is to “think” it. Learning to go within yourself, to center yourself through meditation, and to seek your inner knowing is a fundamental skill of survival in The New Camelot. Trusting who you are and following your inner guidance is especially crucial in these challenging times. There is a stillness, peace and truth of being that is found only at the heart, your heart. Being centered in your heart provides the grounded sense of being with which to come forward.

Love is the answer, so what is the question?”  Derek O’Neill, Ireland

Published in Chiswick Magazine, London, May 2018.