Who or What is there to Forgive?

Alison JamesArticles

From a 5th dimensional standpoint, in the new world of Christ Consciousness we are building, I believe that the answer to this question is unequivocally – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! As we learn to understand, embrace and embody Universal, All-encompassing and Unconditional Love, we can logically deduce that all that is occurring in our lives,  and in the universe, is intended for us and is not meant to be a punishment or a deterrent. Whatever we may have learned, weathered or experienced in the past, we can know that all these things have cumulatively brought us to the “place” we are now: to the person we are, to the level of awareness we carry within our consciousness and to the evolution of our soul. If we truly accept that there are no accidents, that the power of the Creator is always at work in all our lives and in All There Is, then we can accept that everyone and everything is unfolding as it should. It follows, therefore, that we can choose to transcend our 3rd dimensional limited thinking so that we can evolve and move to a higher spiritual perspective.

From a literal and logical standpoint, the very word “forgiveness” smacks of judgment; it says necessarily that something is “wrong” and something needs be done about it. It says, for example, that you must forgive someone you believe has hurt you. Aren’t you judging that person, instead of accepting that that he or she is in a particular place in their process? It is not an individual’s job to try to change everything. Your gifts and talents will lead you where you need to go. Can you put your “hurt feelings” aside and reflect rather on what your reactions show about yourself? This is where self-acceptance begins. Rather than perpetuating an old hurt or initiating an argument, self-acceptance can transform your behavior patterns. I do not mean to suggest here that certain things are not worth fighting for, but rather that acceptance of self can help you avoid unnecessary pain and heartache.

As we go through an experience, we may think and feel that certain energies and situations are unwarranted, personally undeserved and even unfair. However, they may well be the catalyst and resource of the god-planned evolution that will emerge. It’s a matter of choice. Acceptance of self and ownership of the roles you have played throughout your life can bring about a new tack that is more conducive to coming forward than allowing the winds of your past to repeatedly fill your sails.

If, upon close examination, you find you are still playing the “blame game” with someone in your life, this is providing you a unique opportunity to visit where your filters are. Are you maintaining “a hard line” or inflexible boundary around someone or something? Is your anger, pride or “non-forgiveness” holding you in an unconscious belief or behavior pattern? Is it affecting your attitude and health? It is possible to look back with “hindsight” and acknowledge your own participation in events of the past without judging yourself. Over and over in our multiple incarnations we have been given the lessons we came to Earth to receive in order to evolve. According to the Tibetan wheel of karma, as we move further up and around the wheel, we will eventually obtain the consciousness of the Enlightened Ones, but it is necessary to come to the school of life on Earth, to follow the path and unearth what already lies within. Even the animal kingdom is not immune to this development process.

In these times of consciousness shift, we can discover self-love and self-acceptance within ourselves. This will help us maintain a “positive” attitude about All That Is happening in our world. It is unfolding perfectly and serving us. If it were not, we would not be here and we and the animal kingdom would vacate the planet. Yes, there really is method in this madness (if you choose to call it that)! If we can but learn to give thanks for our challenges, we can move through them with grace and ease and appreciate the process.

Ascended Master Lady Portia, the feminine counterpart of St. Germain, embodies forgiveness, justice and balance. I have experienced her presence and energies as soft, beautiful and subtle, energies that one might set aside in a heated moment of anger or frustration. Her presence is a reminder that self-acceptance is a loving and gentle energy, yet at the same time it can have enduring and powerful consequences. Combined with mercy, embodied by Ascended Master Lady Kuan Yin, the Goddess of mercy and compassion, forgiveness and mercy are two powerful forces that can bring about the new balance that we seek in The New Camelot. Balance and harmony come when we truly learn to love ourselves. This is not, of course, solely an intellectual exercise administered by verbal affirmations; loving oneself must become a way of being, a practice, a reality in everyday life.

If we find ourselves in situations where our filters are roaring at us, it is good to remember Jesus’ advice to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. In other words, what you may be feeling within, is not to be unleashed on others. Take a breath and look at yourself first. Have you attracted certain relationships and situations into your life that no longer serve you? Perhaps you feel differently now about something that you loved before. Give thanks. Love and accept yourself. You have graduated. Whatever the situation, your feelings are signals to be observed; they are not the truth of you, they are something you are passing through. Rest in non-judgment of self and others. It’s all part of the Divine Plan.