Will Power

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Will Power: An Updated and Expanded View

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Hello Everyone,

Whatever the view you survey or the circumstances in your personal world, the unique set of conditions and challenges you face are for you to learn from and to overcome; they provide a stepping stone to your next level of being. These completed steps imbue you with a sense of accomplishment, personal pride and the confidence to keep moving forward. We may not always know the reason “why” certain things appear, but if something has arisen from within or without, it is a sure sign that something needs attention.

Some creatures, and indeed people, survive against incredible odds – like the mountain ram pictured above. Humans have Free Will to choose a course of action, animals have instinct. Yet we may be harboring all manner of programmed responses, habits and behaviors resulting from denial of Will that keep us trapped on the hamsterwheel of repetitive failure. This is insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It takes Will Power and courage to look beyond the manifestation of experience, choose a different outcome and face the music, so to speak.

Memories of our past experiences and responses are held in our cells. When we react to something with a knee-jerk response or a long-term habit, we may be unaware of what requires healing or resolution of some kind.This form of magnetism of energies to ourselves emanates through the Will at the solar plexus. In fact, suppressed feelings and emotions may reside there for years and bring about illness or dis-ease.

In the next workshop of Activating the Cosmic Codes we shall be dealing with these issues and taking a closer look at the proper functioning and alignment of Will with Divine Will. If you are experiencing some niggling things in your body, heart and mind, please join us on March 23rd, 2019,  when you will be assisted in addressing them. Remote attendance is also possible. In addition, we shall be calling upon and grounding more expansive multi-dimensional energies for inter-national planetary purpose.

There is comfort in victories of all sizes.

Love and Light to You,