Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

It is a wonder to behold how you are all moving through the Ascension  Energies.  Many of you are so accelerated that you are literally spinning.  Symptoms such as dizziness, aches and pains, the inability to sleep or irregular sleep patterns are all symptoms that will pass.  You are being physically rewired down to your DNA at a rate that may be precipitating  discomfort on all levels of being.  We are aware that this is demanding much of you, but know this: YOU ARE ASCENDING!  And Mother Earth is ascending with you.

We have been speaking to you on a very regular basis over the last few years as each piece of this journey has been unfolding.  Love, guidance and support has been pouring to you all within the Earth plane.  This is a continuing process.

NOW, as you read these words there is but one request we ask of you.  Love yourselves.  Be kind as you adapt to the higher vibrations.  Do not fight the challenges, go with the flow.  Only this way will you ALLOW the changes in.  Remain unmoved by the global dramas reported by the media every day.  Indeed be unmoved by your own!  Focus upon the energies at your heart, aligning with the energies from above your crown and from below your feet.  Know that you are a conduit bringing about this Ascension process.   From a place of inner peace and strength, be aware that your love and presence radiates all around you,  like a lighthouse, sending out a light through the storm.  Be, now.  That is all that is required.

While these processes are occurring within your earthly timeframe, know that your bodily experiences are temporal.  Your spiritual awareness of Self, however, is expanding rapidly and is moving out of time, and inter-dimensionally.  As you aspire to reach beyond y0ur physical form, beyond the limits you accepted for yourself yesterday, all your tomorrows will be forever reflected in your experience NOW.   It is All One within you and within the Universe.  It is All Perfect, no matter where, no matter who, no matter what.  Your Love is the change you have been waiting for.  Thank you for your persistence and devotion to Love.  Ascension is NOW.

Your Obedient Servant,
Master Merlin