You are the bridge between Heaven and Earth

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars are reflections of you.  Each of you has a unique role to play in connection to planet Earth.  Your presence on the Earth at this time is so important for her evolution into the ascended world order that is occurring simultaneously within the Universe.  Your thoughts, your presence, and most importantly, your love, make all the difference to your collective evolution and expansion.  While we, the Ascended masters assist this transformational process, it is important for you to realize that as you take a step individually to heal, so too does the planet heal and humanity with it.  Tread gently with each other and upon the green grass, for the presence of the Creator is no less in the blades of grass under your feet or the wings of a bird in the sky above.

All of Mother Earth’s creations are for you to enjoy.  Observance and respect for all living things, whether seemingly animate or inaminate, will accelerate your connection to the Universality of All Things.  Take a moment to smell the roses, talk to a tree or play with the animals.  You have been provided a smorgasboard of wonders.  Do not take them for granted, rather allow your resonance with them to connect you to the Divine.  The more you embrace the Divine presence of All Things, the more you will find that you can love yourself.  For are you not wondrously made?  Love is the common thread of the Universe.  Without it nothing is.  You are Love.

This is a time for new things: new ideas, new love, new peace, new joy.  Let go of the past now and move forward with delight in the knowledge that you are the one you have been waiting for, you are the bridge between heaven and earth, you are the light.  Step up into your destiny now and be the truth of who you are.  Know from deep within that All is in Divine Right Order and nothing shall be withheld from those who are One with the Divine.  Be about your Father and Mother’s business.

I AM Eternally yours in Service to the Light,
Master Merlin